• CLEANSE: aloe vera • cucumber • lemon • coconut water • blue majic
  • TUMMY TONIC: ginger • apple cider vinegar • lemon • maple sap
  • GOLDEN MILK: almond milk • honey • turmeric • cinnamon • ginger black • pepper • cardamom (asked for no honey)


  • RADICAL Cauliflower Wings: korean bbq • scallions • cilantro • sesame seeds
  • BRAVE Broccoli: cashew cheese • garlic • seed parmesan • lemon • chili


  • PASSION: mushroon walnut patty (subbed for the falafel patty) • coconut bacon • mango BBQ sauce • pineapple pickled jalapeños • house slaw
    • Side: General Tao poutine
  • ASPIRE Butter Chick'un: butter chick'un sauce • fried tofu • cashew • charred cauliflower • kale fried chickpeas • rice


We went a little crazy with our ordering and I'm not even mad about it! We always make it a point to stop at Pure Kitchen every time we go to Ottawa. I have never had anything there that I'm not into. Their food is thoughtfully made and health conscious. 
Ps: We went off the rails, and didn't order gluten free. 

My top picks: 

  • Cleanse shot: it was super refreshing, when you take a sip it feels like its going to hydrate your whole body and you know it's doing something good for you. I loved the taste, Chris didn't like it as much. He could pick out the blue majic, algae taste. 
  • Radical Cauliflower wings: YOU NEED TO TRY THESE. Honestly whenever I go, I dream about these wings for days after. I've tried re-creating them at home a million times and they are never as good. They're so delicious I would drive all the way to Ottawa just to have them. The portion size is perfect for a sharable app.
  • Passion Burger: I honestly would have never ordered this if it wasn't for Chris. I'm not really a "sweet" person so the thought of pineapple and mango on a burger didn't really appeal to me. I generally go for more savoury items. I was even wary to taste it when it came to the table. However, Chris was raaaaving about it so I decided to give it ago and it has forever changed my perspective on a burger with a fruit  infused salsa. IT WAS SO GOOD. We swapped out the mushroom patty for a falafel patty, great call on our part, the whole combination of flavours and spices worked perfectly. Highly recommend. It was super filling! We opted for a gluten free bun, which held its form, no crumbly mess! Win!
    • The side of general tao poutine was B O M B. SO full of flavour. We ate the entire thing and I probably could have gone back for more. Honestly, another thing I would have never gravitated towards, so glad Chris ordered it. We did try the original poutine the first time we went and didn't love it. It was very mushroomy, and the flavours weren't really there. Definitely recommend upgrading! 

Overall, like I said. This is my favourite place to go in Ottawa. If you haven't already, you need to go there ASAP! It's 100% worth it.