What are the costs associated with Accountability Coaching?

Our program kicks off with a 3-week “jump start” package for $599. Included: 

  • 1:1 Accountability Coaching

  • 1 hour phone consultation

  • Menu guide

  • Accountability Coaching

  • 20% Off Supplements (If interested in purchasing)

  • Access to private Facebook group

    • Workout videos

    • Recipes

    • Targeted health information

  • Welcome Package:

    • Workout planning tools

    • Nutrition Hacks

    • Goal achieving tips & tricks

    • Custom recommendations to ramp up your program

Following the first 3 weeks, our rates are $150 every 2 weeks. Included:

  • Accountability coaching

  • 15 minute “check-in” phone consultation/2 weeks

  • Automatic, no hassle charges

  • Ability to cancel after each 2 week segment

  • Continued access to private Facebook group throughout duration of your program

Do I have to live in Kingston?

No, we welcome clients from around the world. The set-up of the program is accessible for anywhere that you have phone reception!

What if my goals are not for weight loss?

That’s awesome! emBODY Method began with a client just like you, who was looking to maintain their healthy lifestyle with a little extra help! There is no pressure to lose weight in this program, we individualize each client program to fit their unique needs. Please note: The accountability rules will still apply and guidance will be given in conjunction with our eating and workout recommendations (but hey! That’s why you’re here, right?).

How long do people normally stay with the program?

The timeframe by which clients stay in the program varies depending on their needs. Generally, for weight-loss, clients participate in the program from 2-4 months or until they meet their goals. Many clients remain on the “follow-up” pricing for months after meeting their goals as they find it helpful to maintain their healthy lifestyle.

What are the workout requirements?

We require a daily “proof of workout” which will be discussed in your initial consultation with Jehna. Daily requirements vary from person-to-person.

What if I have food allergies/intolerances?

Our food guide is just that, a guide! Although meals are broken down for you and you are recommended to follow it, the goal of the program is to create a lifestyle that works best for your unique needs and preferences. The meal guide provided is plant-based and is adjustable to suit allergies.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds. We feel this policy gives clients a true level of accountability and motivation. In extremely limited cases due to unforeseen medical issues and conditions we will consider refunds. In such cases a two week notice and verification of the condition is required.

Why accountability?

The journey to become the healthiest version of yourself can be challenging on your own. Developing healthy habits takes time and it’s important to do things that are best for YOUR body. For more information on the in’s and out’s of my 1:1 program, check out my blog post here.