emBODY the Healthiest Version of YOU!


8 Ways To De-Bloat & Detox, Naturally.

My mission has always been simple: to make health & wellness accessible for everyone. I’m a huge believer that taking a small step forward can ripple into MAJOR up-level’s and health changes.
Please accept this FREEBIE, as my way of giving you a head start! Inside, I explore 8 ways that you can naturally de-bloat and detox.
Have any questions? Send me a message or tag me in a post! I would LOVE to hear from you.


30 Day Detoxifying Meal Guide

Looking to do an internal re-set? Try this awesome 30 Day Detox Meal Guide that gives you a day-by-day meal guide of what to eat in a way that you’ll actually ENJOY!
This detox guide is awesome for all levels of detox! It’s a gentle way to move into a cleaner way of eating.
This meal guide is plant-based to ensure best results and was created to help guide you towards choosing healthy options. It shows you how to structure a meal and to start eating intuitively.

Note: this is not a meal “plan” it is a generalized guide.
Portion sizes are and flavour variants are dictated by YOU!


emBODY Your Healthy 101: Self Study

For the health curious woman looking to elevate her life by emBODYing her sexiest, healthiest self - this program is for YOU!
We’re starting where you’re at and up-leveling into the healthiest version of you! From building you a custom workout plan, to keeping on track with health hacks, re-setting your mindset with mantras and meditations: this program has everything you need to re-connect to your mind, body & soul.


Detox Your Life, emBODY Your Healthy!

This is not your average detox, this program is all about your mind-body-soul connection. You’ll travel through the past, present & future to explore how you got here and where you want to end up. You’ll dig deep into your rooted belief systems that have been creating unhealthy habits and steering you away from reaching your goals.

This custom 1:1 program is accountability based. You get personal guidance from accountability coach (Jehna), all day - everyday! Working with an accountability coach creates long lasting results as you learn the in’s and out’s of what a healthy lifestyle looks like. Read more about accountability, here.

Included in this program is a self-study workbook, 1:1 wellness consultations, personal workout plan creation, log sheets & so much more.